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for Employers and Brokers

For employers who genuinely care about the health and well-being of their workforce, as well as best business outcomes, Osmo provides financial products, expert tools, and care support services that measurably help caregivers manage and balance responsibilities—both at work and at home. 

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What We're Solving For

Employee engagement— relieving stress through emotional support and validated Mental Health Coaching


Financial support - actually helping pay for care, beyond a plan

More loyal employees have better retention and recruiting success

Women’s health initiative supports DE&I and lowers healthcare costs

Being present...everywhere better productivity, lower absenteeism

Your employees need help

35% of employees are caregivers

67% miss work or take unpaid leave

32% reported voluntarily leaving a job for caregiving responsibilities

92% of caregivers report heightened stress, 62% report extreme sadness or depression

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Women - it's the great 


Women working full-time put in

71.2 hours weekly on housework and caregiving, 28% more than male partner

68% of female workers report experiencing burnout at work, compared to only 52% of male workers

Working women struggle with pressure of outsized work and home responsibilities, causing health and career success to deteriorate

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Costs to your business

Caregiver absenteeism costs companies $5.1 billion annually

US businesses lose up to $33.6 billion p/year in lost productivity

Caregivers struggling cost $3 - $11K p/year in lost revenue

Physical and mental health costs associated with caregiving add significantly to higher medical claims

caregiving is messy and it sneaks up on you. TELL US YOUR STORY, WE CAN HELP

We just get it

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