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The world’s first AI-powered turnkey measurement-based care solution for caregivers

Meet Astrid

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  • Personalization

  • Greater understanding of issues

  • Improved engagement in for care team


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High Quality

  • Enhanced responsiveness to needs of both families and seniors

  • Collaborative care

  • Efficiency of care

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  • Total solution management

  • Data on emotional health and

  • stress relief

  • Time and caregiving/life balance



Measurement Based Care

How it Works

Astrid uses AI and workflow  automation to enable a simple  measure, review and improve process, keeping the care team connected real-time for effective, collaborative care:

  • 4 years proven in-market

  • Used by 1500 + dedicated caregivers

  • Worldwide presence to manage care anywhere

How AI Astrid Works
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Features of Astrid

Collaborative Care Management Software Platform

Care management access 24/7. Creation, delivery, and management of complex personalized action plans. Tools for care team collaboration, remote monitoring, and care team decision-making to measure and improve outcomes, while enhancing engagement.


Telehealth Coaching

Easy to use for both the care team and those they're caring for.  HIPAA compliant, clear HD-video, and built-in note-taking. No download-required video conferencing for everyone on the care team.

Integrated financial products and services that solve and streamline paying for care and other out-of-pocket costs. Manage all the costs of care in one centralized place.

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