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Funding the Cost of Elder Care—it's not so simple!

Funding the Cost of Elder Care—not so simple!

Managing how we age and understanding later life care can often be surprising for seniors, and an eye-opener for their families. Seniors are increasingly involved in their own health and wellness and have more choices in how and where they receive care—usually within the home or within a care community.

But where it gets messy and complicated, is in navigating choices and it can be confusing for seniors and their families, especially when they learn the true costs of care and then try to figure out how to pay for it now, and over time. It’s just not simple.

Look, it can be hard for everyone to deal with change, and finding the right situation can be challenging. Whether needing more care "aging in place" at home or requiring a higher level of care in a community, increased costs increase stress and can reduce our ability to make the best choices.

Senior couple working on finances
Simplifying Cost of Elder Care

Think about it…are you:

  • Responsible for the financial well-being of an aging loved one?

  • POA for an elderly loved one looking for or receiving care?

  • Unsure how to use assets in the best possible way?

  • Afraid to use funds now to protect them for future needs even if care is needed NOW?

  • Worried that there’s still a shortfall in income to cover all expenses, even with a Long-Term Care Insurance policy?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re not alone…let OSMO make it simple for you!

Here’s how we help:

  • Bridge/cap your costs for Care and related expenses.

  • Provide a sense of financial and emotional security knowing there IS a solution.

  • Answer questions on Social Security,

Medicare, Medicaid, property sales, a Long-Term Care policy, and invested assets.

  • Provide access to Care support services so you’re sure you have the right care.

  • Introduce you to our financial solution, the Immediate Care Plan, to help you decide if it’s the best choice.

OSMO can help you understand and simplify paying for senior care - it’s your next best step!

About OSMO

The OSMO Agency is a new, innovative insurance agency focused on curated later-life financial products combined with care support services to help families manage the cost of paying for aging care. We’re the exclusive distribution agency of the Immediate Care Plan, a next-generation insurance solution from Federal Life, designed to help those with even modest assets pay for the care of an aging loved one. Nobody should run out of money when paying for senior care and The OSMO Agency ensures families find the right financial solution to pay for needed long-term care expenses.

Our expert team understands every kind of “paid-for” care, for both aging-in-place with home care and community services, as well as for community-based care options including Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing care. We’ll help you along your later life journey, so you achieve the best care outcomes, along with the right resources to pay for them.




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